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Prior to create hairstyles, models of hair is a mix within the volume Qi Liu cheap human hair tail curved inner layered hairstyle, but there are some variations of this hairstyle. I believe many women would come across such a situation: After shampooing the full lace human hair wigs will be deformed. Learn to take care of the original hair with a hair dryer is to create a basis for a new hairstyle. So today, we use a hair dryer to take care of this hair, so this hair restoration of the original sense of style. First part of the head with a large clip cheap human hair extensions up, then use a hair dryer to blow the hair on both sides. A small bunch of hair on the volume comb, then from top to bottom with a human lace wigs dryer blowing, blowing inward mainly volume effects. Liu also part of the curly human hair weave with a hair dryer to take care of, will blow bangs radians sensation volume. The focus of blowing about the tail section of human hair weave. After a hair-care tube, this hairstyle sweet moment index UP! In fact, to do their own hair, hair tips is very important, only really learn to use a cheap human hair extensions dryer to make you want more skilled style.

Marriage is a life event, wedding day or wedding photography, girls want to be the most beautiful bride, today we recommend several small series of beauty bridal cheap human hair wigs, we quickly onlookers view, as do the most beautiful bride to prepare. style1 aesthetic index: ★★★★★ combine fashion plate made sweet braided hair, and then with a beautiful headdress, to create the perfect bridal hairstyle. style2 aesthetic index: ★★★★★ wholesale human hair wigs all Zhaqi a high ponytail, head fluffy momentum, with beautiful fur hair ornaments, simple yet stylish sweet. style3 aesthetic index: ★★★★★ This hairstyle design is more complex, the hair divided into five parts, reversing plate from, individuality, with several flower beautiful flowers, sweet unlimited. style4 aesthetic index: ★★★★★ bridal best human hair weave from the explosion, fluffy curls disc, super imposing, with a cute hat, super suction eye fashion. style5 aesthetic index: ★★★★★ hair long hair into a bob, bangs in front with back veil fixed, demonstrating exquisite bride's face, very princess Fan.

TONI & amp; GUY fashion hairstyle Pop Release March 31, in D · PARK Beijing first workshop of T stage, the models out sections, but especially eye-catching than its clothing, but his head was weird but trendy hairstyles . This is a hairstyle fashion trends released, world-renowned British famous brand salon TONI & amp; GUY with China International Fashion Week 2008 to demonstrate its fashion cheap human hair wigs trends. In the conference site, TONI & amp; GUY bring its favorite technical director, to show classic Chinese fashion circles. The world's top salon brand TONI & amp; GUY, always ahead of its time with the hairdressing technology, high-quality services as well as from-catwalk-client hairstyles practical thinking, has won the trust of consumers around the world with love. TONI & amp; GUY has a hair salon, joining salon, training institutions and its own high-quality hair care products decorated in the world with over 460 hair salon. TONI & amp; GUY uphold the spirit of artistic creation and quality, but also to become the only designated human hair curly wigs London Fashion Week sponsor.

First, grab all the full lace human hair wigs, and then were divided into two equal portions. as the picture shows. In blowing human hair short wigs tips tutorial will use to small props - ombre human hair wigs dryer. If conditions permit, it is best to add a T-shaped arches. The two sides were separated three beams hair, then naturally within the volume. After blowing the hair with a hair dryer to eighty percent, it can be hair brushed aside. In the process of disbursement of appropriation of traditional Chinese medicine began in the middle, do not look to put the hair straightened, the best hand painting a certain amount of styling products, while the appropriation of smear on the side of the hair, and enhance curl, so you can make Cointreau more lasting. The volume will curl inward tresses seemed more mature tress will roll out the curls will show the gorgeous romantic feeling. According to personal preferences to hair, easy to meet a variety of modeling needs. Finally, in accordance with blowing cheap human hair after such skills, this charming curls appeared, from the picture point of view, this effect is also pretty good crash curls.